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Yarn weights

Lace, bulky, fine, fingering, wraps per inch, could be forgiven for being baffled by yarn weights! And really, the only way to be sure a pattern is going to work up is to make a sample and check the knit gauge (ugggh I know I hear just want to get started on your project!). The table below puts some of the more common descriptions of yarn weight together to guide you in the right direction. This is taken from Ravelry as this is an easy reference for their database of patterns. We have included the categories created by the Craft Yarn Council (US). You may see their symbols on some yarns.

 Ravelry name Ply Wraps per inch

Knit gauge (stitches/10cm)


Cobweb 1 0 Lace  
Lace 2 32-34 stitches 0 Lace  
Light fingering 3 32 stitches 1 Super fine 
Fingering 4 14 wpi 28 stitches Super fine 
Sport 5 12 wpi 24-26 stitches 2 Fine 
DK 8 11 wpi 22 stitches 3 Light 
Worsted 10 9 wpi 20 stitches 4 Medium 
Aran 10 8 wpi 18 stitches 4 Medium 
Bulky 12 7 wpi 14-15 stitches 5 Bulky 
Super bulky 5-6 wpi 8-12 stitches 6 Super Bulky 
Jumbo less than 6 stitches 7 Jumbo