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Finishing the old, starting the new (or how life interferes with my craft time!)

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Finishing the old, starting the new (or how life interferes with my craft time!)

Finishing and starting have been on my mind for the past, well 6 months really! At work (my day job as a research scientist) it has been a frantic set of deadlines and so I have completed one project or deadline only to take up the next one the very next day and keep peddling! At the same time I have been packing up house in preparation to finally move to Canberra to live (more) permanently joining my husband who has been there for two years.

Moving out of the house I have lived in for the past 17 years has been very surreal! A house that has been lovingly renovated over the years and now functions perfectly (for us) left behind and a new house that needs renovating and is small and slightly dysfunctional moved into.

With all these things there have been timelines. I work best to time lines. In fact with the packing up I found a stash of unfinished knitting and crochet projects. All meant to be for me, but without a timeline to keep me honest…they remain in that horrible half finished state. If they had been gifts for others I would have stayed up late at night lovingly finishing them! As is seasonally appropriate, I flirted with the idea of making a New Years resolution to finish old projects before starting anything new. Needless to say that was quickly dismissed. There are too many beautiful yarns out there and not enough time to be tied to unfinished projects!

I had hoped I might finish a cardigan during the long drive from Brisbane to Canberra, but while the sleeve length has increased…it didn’t quite get there, but I am determined it will be the next thing I finish.

I like to think I’m quite good with change, but this move has been tough. You can underestimate how many things change….from the little things like finding your clothes, your tweezers (must stem the flow of goatee beard hairs!) to the bigger things like getting lost driving around and missing friends and family.

Of course, it does give me a chance to start some new things. Last night I went to my first CWA meeting and met some new people…oh and came home with a bag of musty, acrylic yarn to knit up some blanket squares. Not sure how I will find time for that!

We also have a blank canvas in the garden so a chance for a whole new landscape. We also plan a cabin in the garden to set up a dedicated sewing space for me! It will also be a space to run The Yarn Bar from. Now that’s exciting!